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Lori B. Wasserburger, M.D. is Board Certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (1991) and Electrodiagnostic Medicine (1992). She received her medical degree (1986) and completed residency training (1990), at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, where she was Chief Resident. Additionally she completed graduate studies in the Department of Exercise Physiology & Kinesiology at the University of Texas prior to medical school.

Dr. Wasserburger was a Board Member of the Physiatric Association of Sports, Spine & Rehabilitation (PASSOR) from 1995 to 2000. Obviously, one of her main interests in PM&R is Sports medicine. She is a longstanding member of the American College of Sports medicine (ACSM) and has completed all three “Team Physician” Courses. She was the Team Physician for the Florida State High School Football and Florida State High School Track & Field Championships in 1991 and 1992. She authored or coauthored textbook chapters on: The Biomechanics and Rehabilitation of Football Injuries, The Biomechanics and Rehabilitation of Water-skiing Injuries, Upper Extremity Soft Tissue Injuries, Head & Neck Injuries in Sport, Lumbar Spine Injuries in Sport and Psychological Factors Affecting Soft Tissue Injury.

Her other main interest is Electrodiagnostic Medicine. She performs a thorough consultation on the day that she personally does testing. The clinical impression therefore correlates the EMG/NCS findings to the radiologic and physical examination findings. This gives the most specific information to the referring physician.

Dr. Wasserburger is a former Wisconsin State High School and Big Ten Collegiate Discus Champion, Wisconsin Powerlifting Champion and Texas & Florida Bodybuilding Champion. She was also involved in competitive in water ski tournaments and water ski shows as a teen and has been an avid water-skier since then. She is married to Lynus Brown, Jr. M.D. and has one child, Lucas.

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To my patients and referring Doctors:

I pursue excellence in the practice of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) and am especially interested in Spine, Sports and Occupational Medicine, as well as Electrodiagnostic Medicine. I have an excellent understanding of the Texas Worker's Compensation system, having served as a Designated Doctor for the Texas Worker’s Compensation Commission (T.W.C.C.) in several T.W.C.C. Field Offices since 1993. I provide specialty examinations such as Impairment Rating Assessments, Disability Evaluations and Independent Medical Evaluations.

My concern is with all areas of an individual’s rehabilitation: the medical, social and vocational aspects of the patient's problem, as well as their quality of life. The goal of a physiatrist is to teach the patient how to prevent an injury in the future, as well how to realistically maximize function with as little pain as possible. Due to the depth of my assessment of each patient I see, I have an excellent success rate in motivated individuals. Unfortunately, this limits the number of consultations I can see per day.

The following is a list of some, but not all, of the conditions I evaluate, diagnose and treat as a Physiatrist:

Sports Injuries
Occupational Injuries
Low Back & Neck Pain
Nerve Entrapments or Injuries (Carpal Tunnel, Pinched Nerves in the Spine, etc.)
Musculoskeletal Disorders or Injuries of the Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist / Hand
Musculoskeletal Disorders or Injuries of the Pelvis, Hip, Knee and Ankle / Foot
Acute Pain Syndromes
Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and Peripartum Pain Disorders
Arthritis & Rheumatologic Conditions
*Undiagnosed causes of pain, weakness or abnormal sensation

* Not all of these are "chronic pain syndromes". They may have been present for a long time, but may not have been adequately diagnosed or treated in the past. I often co-treat problems involving multiple body regions, as they interact with one another, therefore affecting the recovery of each area.

Dr. Wasserburger

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